My Week in Review: 8/25

It’s been a busy week filled with my favorite activity: eating! I was trying to choose one event to post about this week, but I decided I should just include them all. This week has definitely been the busiest foodie week for me (4 dinners out in one week) and I don’t mind being busy if food is the time occupier. Keep reading to follow my adventures this week!

Tuesday 8/22: Yelp Supper Club at the Granary

Yelp Supper Club is always a great time because I get to try out new restaurants with people who also obnoxiously (in other people’s opinion) take pictures of every inch of the restaurant. It was nice to get out and explore the Mount Pleasant food scene instead of sticking to my downtown go-to restaurants.Whenever I go to restaurants, I prefer to split a bunch of small plates with people so that I get to taste everything. Luckily, Yelpers are especially enthusiastic about sharing food. My partner in crime, Sydney, and I enjoyed a few different plates.We started off with the charcuterie platter, which was filled with different meats, cheeses, and various pickled vegetables. My favorite bite from the platter was the brie cheese with roasted peaches.Since Sydney has started her own Instagram dedicated to Brussels sprouts (@sproutbros) of course we had to get some. These Brussels sprouts had a great sweetness and tanginess to them that I really enjoyed. We also had the lobster gnocchi and the duck fried rice. The lobster gnocchi was surprisingly light and so was the sauce that accompanied it. The duck fried rice (pictured above) was unique and the duck was cooked so well that it basically tasted like steak to me.

I had a great experience overall and I want to go back to have a full plate of the tagliatelle, which I snuck a bite of.

Wednesday 8/23: Green Heart Back to School Bash

Since I have been writing the blog for the Green Heart project over the summer, I was invited to the back to school bash at a board member’s home on Sullivan’s Island. If you want to learn more about the Green Heart Project, follow this link to one of my former posts.The Back to School Bash was catered by community sponsors of the Green Heart Project: Taco Boy, Butcher & Bee, and Home Team Barbecue. I love me some Taco Boy and all of my favorite things were provided at the party: a pitcher of margs, guac, salsa, and steak quesadillas. It was tempting to just down the entire vat of Taco Boy margarita, but I was somehow able to control myself.Butcher & Bee provided an impressive spread with their harissa carrots, pita and hummus, whipped feta, and most importantly, their English peas with feta and mint. My favorite dishes of the night were the pita and hummus and the English peas. I knew ahead of time that Butcher & Bee’s hummus is bomb, so it definitely met my expectations. The English peas with feta and mint were especially tasty because they were made with Green Heart grapefruit mint. The mint added a freshness that really complemented the sweetness of the peas.I had a great time eating, drinking, and getting to know more members of the Green Heart Project community.

Thursday 8/24: Yelp’s Mambo Italiano at Carrabas

Although a whole lot of rain and traffic tried to stop us, Christian (my boyfran) and I had a great time at a Yelp Event at Carrabas.  We were greeted with sangria when we walked in the door, which is one of my favorite ways to be greeted. We took a look at the menu and noticed that there were a few drink and food options with each course. We figured that maybe we would get to choose one item and one drink for each course, but luckily we were wrong and they brought it all out.For the small plates, we had meatballs and stuffed mushrooms accompanied by blackberry sangria and sparkling tuscan lemonade. The sparkling tuscan lemonade had fresh basil in it, which was very refreshing. The stuffed mushrooms was one of the best bites of the night because the spicy sausage and earthy mushroom complemented each other perfectly.After small plates came the appetizers, so they were just piling us up with food before the entrees even came out. The small plates included caprese with fresh burrata, wood-fired wings, and calamari. My favorite appetizer was definitely the burrata, which was very fresh. This course also included their prickly pear margarita and blackberry bellini. The prickly pear margarita was excellent, but the bellini was too sweet for me.After we stuffed our faces with small plates, we moved on to the entrees (plural). The entrees were Chicken Bryan and Rigatoni. My favorite of the two was definitely the Chicken Bryan. It was accompanied by a lemon butter sauce, which really tied the dish together. For this course, we had two different wine pairings, a red and a white. I kind of scarfed them both down (whoops), so I can’t really say much about them.Lastly, for dessert, we had a limoncello bread pudding with vanilla ice cream. The bread pudding had a nice lemon flavor and soft texture. We also had prosecco as our dessert drink and I pulled a genius move and put the mint from my dessert into the prosecco. Everything is better with mint, fact.

more food tonight!

It was a busy week, but I had a great time at all of the events. To really kick off this week, I am heading to Indaco tonight to celebrate my anniversary. Stay tuned for that review

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