Everything You Missed at Revelry Brewing’s Tres Años Block Party

This past Sunday I attended Revelry’s Tres Años Block Party, which was a celebration of their three year anniversary. This party combined all my favorite things: tacos, beer, and eating/drinking for a good cause. The ticket proceeds from this event benefited the Green Heart Project, which is a nonprofit that utilizes gardens as outdoor classrooms for schools in the Charleston area.  I spent the day eating, drinking, dancing, and freaking out over the amount of cute dogs in attendance. 

The food

Chef BJ Dennis

As soon as I walked in, I saw Chef BJ Dennis’ booth and I knew I had to stop by. Chef BJ is known for his Gullah/Geechie style of cooking, so I was interested to see his take on the Latin theme of the event. His mole chicken taco topped with salsa macha was rich, smoky, and had a slight sweetness to it. It was one of those bites that really warmed me up to my core, which paired well with the cold beer. I am looking forward to trying more of Chef BJ’s food in the future.

Short Grain

Short Grain had the choice of either a Chorizo or a Local Veggie Taco. The chorizo taco had a fried egg on it, so that made it the winner for me. The ooey gooey egg created a rich sauce that complemented the mild spice of the chorizo. There was a nice crunch and tang from the pickled onions as well.

I didn’t get a chance to try it, but I snuck a pic of their other offering, the Mexican Karaage Parm torta. One patron standing across from me told me it was amazing, so I will take her word for it.

Mex 1 Coastal Cantina

Mex 1  offerred your choice of an oyster po boy or a Cubano taco. I went for the Cubano because I’ve only had a Cubano in sandwich form and figured it might be even better in taco form. This taco was tangy, salty, and had a nice crunch from the shredded cabbage on top. I loved the strong mustard flavor going on and it was served with fried pork skin, which was a crunchy treat. I probably could’ve eaten an entire bag of those bad boys and wouldn’t feel the slightest bit sorry about it.

Tobo Sushi

Tobo Sushi is the food truck that is normally parked outside of Revelry, so I am very familiar with their food. Their sushiritto is a work of art and it is more than just a food fad if I have anything to say about it. There was a nice crunch on the outside (fried food is good) and the spice of the wasabi keeps me coming back for more. It’s basically a giant piece of fried sushi, which is everyone’s dream come true.

The drinks

I am a big fan of Revelry’s beer because they have something for everyone. I am still not sure what style of beer is my favorite, so they give me the opportunity to try new things. On Sunday, I enjoyed their Lefty Loosey IPA and their Poke the Bear American Pale Ale. The Lefty Loosey was slightly bitter (classic IPA amirite), but still refreshing. Poke the Bear was sweeter and had a stronger citrus flavor, which I really enjoyed.

This event was the perfect way to spend a Sunday. I loved being surrounded by local food, drinks (and cute dogs) all while supporting a good cause. I am already excited for next year because Revelry knows how to throw a party!

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