Poke Tea House: Do the Hokey Poke

Poke is a new trend (for us on the mainland) nowadays and I am fully on board with it. I would imagine most people’s favorite part of sushi is the fish itself or the delicious accompaniments, while my favorite part has always been the sushi rice. Whenever I go to Japanese restaurants, I always ask for a bowl of sushi rice as my side. That being said, poke is pretty much a dream come true for me. It makes the sushi rice the star it has always wanted to be and then the toppings make it even better. So thank you, Poke Tea House, for satisfying my sushi rice obsession.

Poke Tea House has been around for exactly one year today (Happy Birthday!). A few weeks back, I was lucky enough to attend a tasting event at Poke Tea House and I loved every bite of it. From delicious Bubble Tea to poke burritos, they have something for everyone.

My BUbbles!

Although there are a lot of places with Bubble Tea around Charleston, I tried it for the first time at Poke Tea House. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the little tapioca pearls, but I really liked them. They added a fun texture as well as a sweetness to the tea. The tea also magically changed colors when we added lemon juice to it, which made me even more excited to try it.

At the tasting event, they really pulled out all the stops. We got to try dishes on their menu as well as some surprise guests like SPAM. First up was a miniature version of their poke burrito. As you do with the poke, you get to choose your protein and a few mix ins to make your burrito all your own!

Bam! It’s Spam!

The next item on the menu was a bit of a surprise and somewhat scary to some, it was SPAM misubi. It was comprised of SPAM, eel sauce, and sushi rice. I thought this dish was sweet and salty perfection and I would honestly get it again. Poke Tea House would save the reputation of SPAM if they put this on their menu.

bring on the poke

Last, but certainly not least, we got the build our own Poke bowl. I love that you get to customize your toppings here so you can either switch it up or just stick with what you love. I went with Ahi Tuna as the protein, cucumber, scallions, and mango as the mix ins, and avocado to top it off. This bowl was filled with so many different textures and flavors that you could get different flavors in every bite.

Poke Tea House is a great place to go hang out and have some great Poke and Bubble Tea, or you could order ahead of time and take it on the go. Either way, you have to go check it out and wish them a Happy Belated birthday (if you don’t go directly after reading this).

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