Cocktail of the Week: the Swizzle from Le Farfalle

I’m always game for a good happy hour, and Le Farfalle definitely delivers. Their “aperitivo” hour features discounted wine, beer, and their signature negronis. Le Farfalle doesn’t want you drinking on an empty stomach, so they have a selection of snacks that complement the drinks perfectly.

Since they have an entire page of the cocktail menu dedicated to negronis, I figured I had to try one. They of course have the classic negroni, but I saw that they had so many unique variations that I had to try one. I ordered the Swizzle, which not only had a cute name, but a stunning presentation. I was expecting just your standard cocktail in a glass with one ice cube, but what I got was a show-stopper that made the whole table turn their heads.

time to get swizzly

The Swizzle basically looks like a snow cone for grown ups, in the best way. The tall glass was filled with so many tiny ice cubes that there was no way the drink would be watered down. The Swizzle had a tropical flavor to it thanks to the rum, pineapple and lime mixed in. This was definitely the most uniquely presented drink I’ve had in awhile and it was tasty to boot!

While I was sippin’ on Swizzle, we also had some tasty bites. We started with whipped ricotta and honey, which is always a winner. I ate an embarrassing amount of bread just because I needed a vehicle for the amount of ricotta I wanted to consume…

italian bar snacks to boot

Next, we had the Sicilian Style Seafood Fry. We Americans love our fried food when we are imbibing, so this was a lighter, Italian take on that. The seafood was lightly battered, while still having a nice crunch. It was served with a lemon-caper aioli that just made the flavors pop.

Last, but certainly not least, they brought out my personal favorite bar snack: mozzarella sticks. It’s fried cheese people I mean need I say more? I feel like I look at mozzarella sticks the same look I look at my dogs: just pure love and affection.

If you’re looking for an Italian-twist to your normal happy hour routine, Le Farfalle has you covered. When you do, you’ll probably see me there sippin’ on Swizzle.

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