Everything You Missed at the Alley’s Studio 300 Party

I kicked off my weekend by celebrating the 5th anniversary of one of my favorite places to bowl/ eat tater tots: the Alley. The Alley is fun on a normal night, but this party pulled out all the stops to benefit the party-goers as well as a local non-profit: Be a Mentor. It has been nominated for best party of the year by Charleston City paper for the past 4 years and after attending this year, I know why.

Wonka’s Wonderland

This year’s theme for the anniversary party was a 70s-inspired Willy Wonka style Candyland. Costumes were strongly encouraged, so there was a wacky mix of bell bottoms and colorful wigs. To drive home the theme, I was surrounded by candy the entire party and I was definitely okay with it. I may or may not have left with a purse full of candy, which is a sign of a great party. They even took the time to make their own Studio 300 candy bars, which was a cool touch.

The Entertainment

To keep the 70s vibes going, DJ Natty Heavy was spinning some groovy tunes and I loved breaking out the stereotypical disco moves. I think I looked pretty authentic when my moves were combined with my bright orange flower dress and groovy shades.

If you prefer a more private jam sesh, they also had a silent disco. Even though I mostly focused on embarrassing myself dancing, they also had open bowl and free arcade games. Needless to say, there was definitely entertainment around every corner at this party.

The food and drinks

If you didn't get tots, did you even Thirsty Thursday? 🎳

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Whenever I bowl at the Alley, I always get their loaded tots (might be addicted at this point). That being said, I was pumped to see that they had a make your own loaded tots bar at the event. I think I heard angels singing when I saw the huge container of tots. You could load your tots up with queso, bacon, and other yummy toppings.

There were plenty of drinks to wash down the tots. There was a variety of beer, wine, or liquor drinks. The drinks definitely helped bring everyone out on the dance floor and strut their best groovy moves.

This party was a great way to celebrate the Alley’s anniversary. You really can’t go wrong with a make your own loaded tots bar, groovy tunes, and wacky costumes.

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  1. Kelsey Davis says:

    Love this! So sad I missed out but you’ve convinced me to go next year. Check out my blog Spoons & Whitby (www.spoonsandwhitby.com). I cover travel and food, I think you’d enjoy it!

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