Recap of Charleston Wine + Food’s Souls and Saints Event

This past Wednesday, I had the amazing opportunity to help out at/photograph for Charleston Wine + Food’s signature fall event: Souls and Saints. Unless you live under a rock, you know that the Charleston Wine + Food Festival is one of the biggest/ most fun food events of the year. Every year they give the public a sneak preview of the fun to come with a signature fall event.

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Everything You Missed at Revelry Brewing’s Tres Años Block Party

This past Sunday I attended Revelry’s Tres Años Block Party, which was a celebration of their three year anniversary. This party combined all my favorite things: tacos, beer, and eating/drinking for a good cause. The ticket proceeds from this event benefited the Green Heart Project, which is a nonprofit that utilizes gardens as outdoor classrooms for schools in the Charleston area.  I spent the day eating, drinking, dancing, and freaking out over the amount of cute dogs in attendance. 

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My 10 Favorite Places to Eat/Drink North of the Crosstown

For the past three years I  lived in the heart of downtown Charleston and established my favorite places to eat/drink in my general vicinity. Now that I’ve graduated, I moved about a mile up the peninsula, which feels like 10 miles in Charleston distance. I’ve started to establish my new favorite eateries above the Crosstown (highway that goes through Charleston) and I figured I would share them so my fellow neighbors know where to get their grub/drink on.

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Cocktail of the Week: Sichuan Sting from Xiao Bao Biscuit

When I visited Xiao Bao Biscuit for the first time, I was on a mission to get out of my cocktail comfort zone (AKA tequila) and try something completely new. I definitely accomplished that, because the cocktail I chose came with a warning from the waitress. She told me, “this may sting a little,” (hence the name Sichuan Sting) and I still went for it anyway.

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Trader Joe’s Shrimp Curry

I have been feeling really stuffed up and gross this week, so I wanted to make something spicy and comforting. I was thinking of just getting take out Indian food, but after trolling Pinterest for a little bit, I realized making my own curry wouldn’t be too tough of a task to tackle. I already had some shrimp in the freezer, so shrimp curry was the move.

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Restaurant Week Part 1: Take Me to 5Church

As you can probably guess, Restaurant Week is definitely one of my favorite weeks of the year. I get to try restaurants that I normally would not have the cash flow for, so I treat myself to an elegant evening of eating. For my first restaurant week excursion, I decided 5Church was the move.

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Everything I Stress Ate During Hurricane Irma.. in CT

As Hurricane Irma approached, I happened to have a very well-timed vacation to Simsbury, Connecticut (where my bf is from) planned weeks in advance. We had no idea the storm was coming at the time we booked, but we really got lucky to get out of Charleston before the flooding. Even though I was far away from the effects of Irma, I was still worried about the entire city of Charleston as well as my sister who currently lives in Tampa. Continue reading